Should I Invest In Sanofi Stock (SNY)

Sanofi: A Healthcare Company

Sanofi is a multinational healthcare company with headquarters in France employing over 100,000 people in 145 nationalities.  This company has over 79 manufacturing sites located in 36 countries and currently engaged in the development of over 70 projects.

The sheer number of projects in development is what has attracted us to apply our SP2 strategy with our hard earned cash here to buy SNY stock.  We believe our trading strategy has the potential to create high rewards with minimal and limited risks.

Investigational Drug Pipeline

Sanofi’s 2018 pipeline includes completion of data collection from multiple Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials.  This data will be compiled, analyzed and presented to the Food and Drug Administration for review and guidance.

Sanofi drug pipeline

Refractory multiple myeloma

There are over 200,000 people around the world with this 2nd most common blood cancer that is rare and has no cure. In 2015, there were about 120,000 new cases diagnosed and about 87,000 died that same year. Most incidence are with men and a median age of 70 years old. Source: American Cancer Society. estimates 30,000 adults (16,000 men and 14,000 women) will be diagnosed with this cancer in 2018.

Basal cell carcinoma

This is one of the most common cancers in which over 4 million basal cell carcinomas are diagnosed each year. The increase in diagnosis may be due to better detection, over sun exposure and longevity, however, people dying from this cancer are in the thousands.

Nasal polyp

This condition affecting the nasal and sinus is non-cancerous and about 4% of the population has it. More common in men then women over 20 years of age.

We are investing in Sanofi stock

Depending on the data reported on the efficacy for each of the 3 clinical trials in 2018, Sanofi’s value (stock price) may drop or increase. Our team at are not too concerned since there are additional drugs in the pipeline through 2021 and beyond.  Bad data here and there may reduce the price but success in the pipeline products will keep this name in the ascending direction.  Let take a quick look at SNY stock’s weekly chart below.

Obviously you will notice that the chart is not as smooth as our position in Pfizer (PFE).  The current weakness is a great opportunity for us to invest in SNY stock, but only when we apply our SP2 strategy to limit our downside risks.

SNY weekly chart

SNY Trade Setup

ScreenHunter 810       Our approach to entering and exiting stock trades should be methodical and systematic.  Since the stock is currently dropping, we will apply our WPT strategy to obtain SNY stock at a lower than market price, a discounted price if you will.

WPT strategy

If you have transacted on then you may have used similar concepts.  On you can bid for an item at the price you want and most likely way below the current asking price.  This is what our WPT strategy is for stocks: name our price that we want to buy Sanofy for and at the same time, receive a small credit for placing the bid.  If there are no sellers willing to sell us the stock at that price then we keep the small credit for playing.  Otherwise, we transact with the seller at our named price and buy the stock at a discount.

The only risk apparent in the WPT strategy is if Sanofi drops to $0 or a price much lower than our named price, in which a loss would be incurred.  We are willing to accept that risk because of SNY’s strong and abundant investigational drug pipeline that goes into 2021.

Once we have acquired stock, we will update this article on the next steps, such as the SP2 strategy.  In the meantime, please leave us a comment if you have questions regarding our 1 on 1 coaching and trade alert services.


Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors and are not providing any financial advice.  All content presented are for entertainment purposes only.


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